Get Involved

As an organisation, we have very limited resources. We seek to fully to avoid going back to the street to beg for alms. If you can help us in any of the following ways please contact us:

  • Patronise our workshops: we have in the past made uniforms for the British Council and have made a number of high quality security gates for local companies and NGOs
  • Sponsor a tricycle: we build tricycles for the crippled
  • Sponsor a student at the Centre to attend a full time school
  • Donate a bag of Rice, Garri, Beans and other food stuff
  • Sponsor a Sign Language Club
  • Patronise our fish products (fresh or dried/packaged)
  • Find a small space to showcase/sell our products
  • Stop a young person from begging and/idleness through skill acquisition
  • Help the hearing and speech impaired (deaf and dumb )understand what happens around him/her by supporting sign language learning
  • Make cash donations
  • Tell others about ‘exchanging begging with skill and education’
  • Parents should be more involved and show interest even if they do not have what it takes to train them.

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